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  1. You must surrender the current certificate of title and the license plate for the vehicle to the county clerk and make application for a " salvage title". The fee for a regular salvage title is $9.00 or you may request a "speed title" for $ 25.00.
  2. A certified inspection is required to verify repairs to the vehicle. This inspection cannot be completed until all repairs have been made to the vehicle and you have received your salvage title from the DOT. The fee for inspection is $5.00 if done at our office or $15.00 if the inspector comes to you. To arrange for an inspector to come to you call the Boyd County Sheriff at 859 252-1771.
  3. Complete forms TC96-182 (Application for Title/Registration) and TC96-215 (Affidavit of Motor Vehicle Assembled from Wrecked or Salvaged Motor Vehicles). Submit these forms and all receipts for repairs to the Transportation Cabinet in Frankfort. Follow the instructions on the back of the TC96-215 form carefully.
  4. The Department of Transportation must issue written authorization allowing us to register and title the vehicle.
  5. You must provide a current proof of insurance. The title fee is $9.00 and the fee for the plate will be determined by registration length.

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