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PostHeaderIcon Renewal of a Kentucky Registration (Mail in or office visit)

The following documents are required:
  1. Current certificate of registration (Not a copy)
  2. Proof of current liability insurance (VIN # must match registration)
  3. Social Security number if individual, or federal tax ID number for companies
  4. If the original registration is not available, the current registered owner must sign a replacement affidavit (TC96-167) and have their signature notarized. There will be an additional fee of $6.00 for the replacement.(if notarized outside our office - $3.00)

Vehicle registrations are renewed yearly with the issuance of either a plate and/or a decal. Most vehicles generally expire in the owner's birth month with the exception of the following:

  1. Weighted Trucks - expire March
  2. Trailers (all) - expire March
  3. Motor Homes - expire March
  4. Handicapped - expire July
  5. “Special” Plates - vary
  6. Transferred Vehicles - expire decal month
A courtesy notice showing tax and registration fees due is mailed by the department of revenue the month prior to the month of expiration. A vehicle may be renewed no sooner than the month before the month of expiration.

Property Tax

Every vehicle titled in Kentucky is assessed by the property valuation administrator as of January 1 of each year. The tax rate is set by each taxing jurisdiction (school board, etc.). The tax liability for the year is placed on the owner of record of vehicle as of January 1. Taxes are due upon renewal or registration change. If a vehicle is transferred prior to renewal the owner of record as of January 1 is liable for the taxes for that vehicle.

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