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  • Vehicle must be currently insured with a company that is registered with the Kentucky office of insurance to be eligible to use this website.
  • If you have obtained insurance within the last 45 days your information may not be in our database. This could prohibit you from renewing your vehicle from this site. Please visit our office and provide proof of insurance at that time.
  • If the Registration Renewal Request is submitted before 12:00 midnight EST, our office will receive the request tomorrow morning for processing, otherwise it will be received the following day.
  • If your information appearing on the screens is incorrect, click "Cancel" and contact our office.
  • The vehicle(s) renewed must have unexpired registration(s).
  • The owner of the vehicle(s) cannot have overdue property taxes on any other vehicles.
  • The address on the registration renewal notice must be your current address. (Registration materials will be mailed to this address.) If your current address does not match your registration renewal notice please contact our office.
  • At this time, all standard passenger "Unbridled Spirit" plates can be renewed on-line. * It is our goal to make it possible for ALL PASSENGER plates to be renewable on-line *
  • Leased vehicles cannot be renewed on-line.
  • A convenience fee of $5.00 will be charged for each vehicle being renewed.
  • Payment can be made using Visa or MasterCard.

Click here for To Renew On-line

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